i wish drugs didn’t go hand in hand with all the really cool art and music i like

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Maybe it’s time to get clean. 

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Sometimes Becoming Drug Free Has Less To Do With Addiction And More To Do With Sanity

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Today It has been 6 months since i smoked meth and 3 months since I have drank alcohol.


weed??? more like NO NEED!!! stay DRUG FREE *zooms away on motorcycle* 

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I think drugs are so stupid.


My mom died from a heroin overdose. It’s incredible how against drugs I am. I won’t touch them. It gives me stomachaches thinking about them. I’ve seen people do coke and I grew up knowing my mother was always on something. It sucks. Losing someone because of stupid shit like that. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see the point in risking your whole life for a few hours, a few fucking minutes even, of feeling nothing.

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drugs are stupid


drugs are stupid

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While my friends are out smoking and drinking, I’m home getting laid 😏 *grabs chips*